Partnering Experts

Sofia Nitti

Sofia Nitti is a journalist with recognized international expertise in society’s issues and field journalism, particularly in the MENA region. Sofia has covered key events such as the October 2019 revolution in Baghdad and the Iraqi political elections in October 2021. She has been focusing on the status of women in the MENA society and politics, she studied the social media trends and movements in the region, and she built a solid network in her various stays in Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, North-East Syria and Tunisia. 

Thanks to her research work and technical support in the field, she knows how to identify needs in an effective and relevant way in order to translate them into innovative and feasible solutions. Sofia masters several forms of communication (written, visual, sound), which she combines in her work. Sofia demonstrates leadership with her collaborators. Passionate and inclusive, she remains dedicated to maintaining a feminist approach in carrying on solidarity dialogues and collective activism.

Fabrice Boussalem

Agronomist and passionate professional with over 25 years of experience in international development and cooperation, working in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

I have extensive experience working in challenging environments, including natural disasters and armed conflicts. I have managed projects in a wide range of fields, from local to regional/continental, and have provided strategic advice and leadership to a variety of organizations (international NGOs, UN, Red Cross, bilateral agencies). I have had the privilege of leading teams with diverse ages, genders, cultures, and expertise. I am a highly adaptable individual with a proven track record of success in a variety of settings.

I bring this wealth of experience to my individual and group coaching, helping people to resolve conflicts and achieve personal and professional fulfillment and performance.

Munzer Alkhalil

Dr Alkhalil has extensive practical experience in building health systems in conflicts and leading humanitarian responses on the ground. He led many research papers on aid effectiveness in conflict and fragile states, aiming to improve aid impact and help recipient countries move from conflict to early recovery and development.

He also leads a research effort that includes many research groups based in different universities, including King’s College London and LSE. This research aims to create a framework to evaluate health governance in conflict and fragile states.

Dr. Alkhalil has wide personal and institutional experience of more than a decade in dealing with violence and threats against humanitarian workers in the MENA region. Additionally, Dr Munzer was the head of the Health Directorate between 2013 and 2020 in Idlib, Syria, one of the most dangerous places worldwide.

He experienced various threats and was involved in many measures to protect humanitarian workers in such complex contexts at local, national, and international levels.

Felix Legrand

Felix Legrand  is an independent researcher in Middle eastern politics with a specific expertise on the Syrian conflict. With twelve years of experience working with NGOs and research centers, he has published a number of articles and written policy papers, and recommendation-oriented reports. Additionally, he has managed humanitarian projects in Syria and participated in mediation and dialogue initiatives. Today, he is an associate researcher with the think-tank Noria Research and operates as a free-lance expert and investigator collaborating with journalists and law firms. Fluent in Arabic, Felix lived in Syria for several years during the conflict, developing a deep understanding of Syrian political and social dynamics and establishing strong networks within the society. Felix holds a master’s degree in political science and law.

Simon Dry

Freelance creative director, graphic designer, Adobe software trainer and marketing consultant. Also Chair of Anglian Water Customer Board. Co-creator of SweetArt (images upcycled entirely from discarded Quality Street wrappers – see Specializing in brand design, development, management, and implementation with national & international clients across sectors including: agriculture, banking, charity, drinks, education, food, government, health & pharmaceutical, hotels, leisure, power tools, retail, telecoms, transport, theatre and veterinary.

A pro-active ‘hands on’ creative leader who explores all aspects of marketing and brand identity, enabling solutions that fit the culture of the client’s business. Able to generate creative ideas quickly, when appropriate, to meet tight deadlines and budgets. An effective leader who can manage teams or work independently in a pressurized environment (whilst retaining a sense of humor!).

Mamoun Othman

Mamoun Othman is a pharmacist with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from MARMARA university, Istanbul Turkey. 

Mamoun has over 10 years’ experience in humanitarian field as an expert in developing and managing MEAL & TPM process and strategy, conducting organizational capacity assessment during development projects, and managing research department including information management with supervising different research productions.

Mamoun works as independent expert. More than seven consultation contracts were conducted over 110 working days in more than 900 hours. Moreover, more than 185 training days and coaching sessions were conducted in more than 1300 hours for different organizations in M&E, TPM, and QMS.