Partnering Agencies


Localised Management Consulting is a social enterprise that specializes in the aid and development sectors and international cooperation programmes’ consultancy. Localised, an independent firm established in 2019 and registered in 2020, aims to building on the local expertise and capacities by creating a hub of professionals to support civil society organizations, enhancing the knowledge exchange amongst different stakeholders, and thus fostering capacity development – true to the motto “Localised – from local to local”. Localised approach is centered on the inclusion of local development experts in the design, implementation and evaluation of development programmes, as they are the key element to reach a sustainable impact and hence our added value. Partnering with local and regional expertise to strengthen civil society actors through investing in local know-how and capitalizing on existing expertise, we work with a holistic approach by supporting both, individual and organizational development.


NSDation is a consulting services company that was founded in Turkey in 2018 to serve Europe and the Middle East. NSDation team strive to maintain a profound regard for human dignity in every aspect of their work. This is reflected in their approach to building teams within our environment and working with vulnerable communities. NSDation team has experience in developing and implementing Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) systems, conducting project evaluations (baseline studies, project/organizational medium-term evaluations/reviews, and end-term/impact evaluations/studies), designing and monitoring ongoing projects within international frameworks, and conducting capacity building activities.

Start Point

Start Point for Development & Consultancy (SPDC) provides capacity development and a broad range of support to the local civil societies actors as well as international actors. This is to strengthen the voice, increase impact and bring about the development of diverse, inclusive, and independent civil society communities.

We believe at SPDC that the best solutions to support the civilians in crisis should be by a quick transformation from rapid response to resilience method, as this approach within humanitarian operations is crucial to the first efforts of a community to recover, rise again, and start to use their capacity. To do that, we seek to build a bridge between the local and international actors for a better response and rehabilitation at later stages.

SPDC aims to work in many countries closely with civilians like IDPs, Refugees, Returnees, host communities, local initiatives, local NGOs, INGOs, and governments. For that, SPDC has hired all needed experts, skills, and tools necessary for the SPDC mandate in resilience and organization development. Furthermore, SPDC always seeks to increase its geographical coverage areas in the world to reach the most vulnerable civilian groups and work with them hand in hand for a better sustainable life.

Syria Development

Syria Development Centre is an enterprise founded and run by Syrians, for Syria. As refugees, migrants, and dual nationals in world-leading academic centers and corporations we founded this center to take an active role in development, as it happens in Syria. Founded in Oxford, UK, in 2021, our dedication to the country brought us together to provide our services as Syria transitions along the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. Non-governmental actors, public decision makers, and business leaders, continuously need to be well informed of the reality of the risks facing their interventions, through the stages of planning, design, implementation, and assessment. In one of the most challenging contexts in the world, limited access, quality, and availability of data impedes development initiatives of all scales. We provide our services to change this reality.