Caroline Grangier

Caroline Grangier combines fourteen years’ experience in Development Aid and Humanitarian Actions, during which she developed skills related to:

  • Design and management of multi-stakeholders’  programs representing  strong operational and  political stake, specifically  in the health sector
  • Strong management and  leadership skills:  independent, efficient,  decision-making,  multidisciplinary and  multicultural teamwork,  standards-setting  processes
  • Strategic development,  security analysis,  representation

A bold and challenging manager, Caroline established a diverse career in leading large, complex, and cross-country  implementations of innovative  programs to improve access to,  availability and quality of  healthcare.

Caroline is a Development  Manager trained. She has designed, sourced funding for, and, implemented programs that aim at improving access to, availability, and quality of, health, livelihood, and  education in the Middle East  through quality program  management.

Caroline effectively navigates diverse, multi-national  stakeholder groups at the  highest levels of authority to  forge a collaborative vision of  success, a shared sense of  purpose. With a strong strategic  acumen and sharp operational  insights, she identifies  opportunities and addresses  challenges with urgency and  flair, distilling complexity to  deliver innovative solutions and  translate strategy into field  operations.

As an engaging, passionate, and  inclusive leader, she remains  dedicated to creating truly  impactful programs and  strategies, serving the most  marginalized and  underrepresented members of  society.

“Caroline has solid communication skills with the ability to tailor her communication strategies to meet the different needs of individuals and institutions. She has very good vision and strategic directions, which allow her to lead all aspects of the project in a coherent manager.”

Abdulkarim Ekzayez, Health System and Global Health consultant

Caroline is an amazing professional, who brings all the skills and expertise in humanitarian emergency and development response programming, working with Caroline is a rare opportunity to come across, a self-driven environmentalist with teamwork spirit and an extremely creative and innovative manager, who’s also best in guiding her employees.

Her capability to prepare, lead and monitor health programming interventions as well as having the vast international connections with NGOs and high-profile donors is quite impressive. Besides that, Caroline with her unwavering confidence and experience made me assured of the best solutions to problems at my organization strategy even when there were few resources to invest, indeed she was a shoulder to lean on.

Hozan Khalil, President & Executive Director, VIYAN – Medical Relief and Development

“Caroline’s field experience of the Middle East and specifically Syria, has enabled her to overcome large operational and security challenges related to the implementation area but also to the health conditions of CoVID-19, which hit severely the north-eastern part of Syria, as well as a more global operational response contributing to the stabilization of the health sector in the area.”

Fabrice Boussalem, Head of Mission Iraq and NES, Expertise France

Caroline was always direct to the objective, straightforward to the successful achievement, and with extreme motivation for supporting the team. Caroline has a strong personality, great discipline manners, and a realistic character that allows her to achieve efficiently and scale up other team members easily.

Maher ALAREF, Turkey and protection projects manager, Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)

“I had the immense pleasure to work with Ms. Caroline Grangier on a study that addressed the health implications of wastewater irrigation in the Aleppo region of Syria. Her great capacity to work in the field was particularly appreciated as it required close follow-up with the local communities.”

Manzoor Qadir, Assistant Director, UNU-INWEH

“Caroline provides clear guidelines; she is reliable, detail-oriented and she values individual contribution. Her thorough knowledge of the region and her inspirational personality were decisive to achieve results of which I am extremely proud. She is an extremely experienced professional who will leverage her extensive international network to provide value add content, all with a great sense of humor and making all involved feel at ease!”

Sofia Nitti, Independent Journalist

Caroline has deep knowledge and is highly respected by her colleagues for her management skills. She is adorned with brilliant communication skills. She remains calm and collected under pressure and has great problem solving and team-building skills. She is hardworking and knows how to motivate her colleagues to put effort in a project.

Nadia Yahia, Grants Program Manager

“Caroline is innovative, pragmatic and results oriented. She demonstrates strong Project Management skills and adequate leadership by unifying people with different challenges around the same goal.”

Diane Hassan, Founder and CEO, Acceler’Actions

“Caroline combines deep experience in the field, with a heartfelt belief in being present and valuing all contributions, which allows the delivery of impactful solutions in the most challenging of environments”

Martin Howden, Executive Coach